We think that the more approachable cybersecurity topics are, the better work we can all do together to strengthen our cyber perimeter.  Gone are the days where cybersecurity can be pushed aside to a brilliant IT professional configuring a telecom closet (if those days ever existed at all).  In current times, cybersecurity is everyone’s job: from identifying and avoiding a phishing attack, to setting a secure Wi-Fi password for your home office, to being sure to use different/unique passwords for each website you rely on.

In this era where cybersecurity is everyone’s job, we especially love the role that cybersecurity infographics play in making the topic approachable to all team members — both technical and non-technical.  Here are our favorite six cybersecurity infographics (click on any of them for full-resolution versions):

Favorite Infographics 1 - how-to-spot-a-phishing-scam

Credit: cisa.gov

Favorite Infographics 2 - 10 coolest jobs in cybersecurity

Credit: SANS Institute

favorite infographics 3 - ransomware in the covid pandemic

Credit: Keeper Security

favorite infographics 4 - move to modern IT

Credit: JumpCloud

Threat Primer: Phishing

Credit: Havoc Shield

favorite infographics 6 - 10 phishing attacks

Credit: Cybersecurity Ventures