Guard Street presents an all-in-one Cybersecurity Program designed for MSPs

Address customer security and compliance demands, pay less for best-in-breed security tools, and make a great margin - no security expertise required.

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It's kind of like TurboTax® for cybersecurity.

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No-jargon tailored plan

Start with a plan that matches your client's industry, business, and existing tools. Techs know exactly what to do next.

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No security know-how required

Guided modules help you roll out integrated security tools, make compliance-aligned configuration changes, and create policies.

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Integrated security tools

We partnered with the top security tool providers out there - folks like Webroot, Carbonite, and Jumpcloud. Paid for as part of your plan, provisioned, configured, and maintained all in one beautiful place.

Demonstrate your value

Compliance reports, attestation letters, and pre-built marketing assets help effectively prove your value add and help customers market their security program, positioning you as a revenue accelerator.

Continuous Monitoring

Data breaches, software vulnerabilities, new types of attacks, and changing compliance requirements - oh my. We monitor for them and send you alerts to share with clients, making you the hero.

Built for MSPs

Client management, aggressively tiered pricing, and an expert Partner Support team mean you manage efficiently, keep margins high, and always appear professional.

Solve client security demands and add some serious margin.

Guided, Automated, All in one Place.

Built for non-security types who want to introduce more than a fragmented set of retail security tools. We handle everything from plan to proof.

Don't just project manage security - implement it professionally.

We go way further than just project managing the jargon of a security program or compliance framework with real assets brought to life for your team and your clients.

Our modules work a bit like how TurboTax® automates complicated tax filing. They're designed to guide you though making configuration changes, introducing polices, and activating security tools without having to get your PhD in InfoSec.

Activate best-in-breed tools without all the jumping around.

We partnered with the top security vendors out there and fully integrated them into our Platform. Tools are paid for as part of your plan, configured according to security best-practices, and rolled out to clients automatically.

We take care of user syncing, maintenance, and upgrades behind the scenes for you.

Oh - and we get premier pricing from vendors given the aggregate size of our relationship with them, which we pass on to you.

A security solution your client will actually adopt (and keep paying for).

Getting your client onboard and completing the tasks you need them to do to meet requirements is tedious and never ends.

We make it easy with a user portal for every person inside your client's firm, and automate all the tasking, communication, reminders, and reporting for you, saving hours every month.