Vendor Onboarding without the Friction

Everyone hates it when vendor onboarding is slow, painful, and stressful. The vendor management team bears a heavy burden, trying to coach vendors through the process, while fending off relentless requests from the business unit trying to accelerate the process and begin use of the vendor’s services. Maybe it doesn’t have to be this painful?

Vendor Onboarding - No One Size Fits All 2

End the One-Size-Fits-All Illusion

Stuck between vendors complaining that the security questionnaire is burdensome and excessive, and business unit leaders expressing an urgent need to conclude the process? A modern risk-grading approach provides speed, without sacrificing thoroughness.

Vendor Onboarding - No Excel

Close the Excel Questionnaire, Forever

Buried in chaotic versions of question/answer iterations as vendors attempt to understand and satisfy your security questionnaire? It’s painful for you, and for them. We bring order to the chaos, in a modern web interface with a guided flow for each side.

Vendor Onboarding - Guide Frustrated Vendors 2

Guide Frustrated Vendors to Success

Have well-meaning vendors urgently trying to comply to your standards, but unsure how to implement satisfactory security practices to meet the bar? Get out of the middle and let us walk vendors through remediation steps and compensating controls.

Our Purpose-Built Web Solution Removes the Friction from Vendor Onboarding

Let’s talk about how your security questionnaires can be faster, simpler, easier. Ready?

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