All-in-one cybersecurity solution for financial services.

Built to satisfy GLBA, FTC Safeguards, IRS Tax Preparer, New York DFS and other financial industry security requirements.

Havoc Shield quickly removes the fear and risk of a lacking cybersecurity program by providing a industry-compliant plan, expert guidance, and professional security tools in an all-in one-platform.

Screenshot of Havoc Shield appRun a vulnerability scan.
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Getting stuck on security sucks.

It's keeping you up at night, and a breach could tear apart your reputation. Employees are clicking on things they shouldn't, and ransomware is lurking around the corner.

You know you've got to do something, but solving it feels HUGE, tools are scattered everywhere, and you don't understand what industry or government requirements you're actually subject to.

Sound familiar? Whether you're stuck on security in an Accounting firm, Financial Advisory, FinTech Startup, or Lender, we're here to help.

You don't speak InfoSec

The security industry is filled with jargon. Google doesn't have the answers and you don't have an expert at your disposal.

Your team has no time for this

You can't predict how long this will take and you can't just stop serving customers. Security is a process, and you need someone to own it.

Everything is all over the place

There's a plethora of computers, SaaS accounts, and sensitive data that aren't protected. The fractured setup is getting out of hand.

Security solved for today and tomorrow

Whether you're starting from zero or need to mature your efforts, we can take the security anxiety off your hands now and ensure it stays that way every day after.

Managed for you

Our team can accelerate your program and take security off your plate by customizing your plan, onboarding employees, rolling out tools, and responding to issues regularly on your behalf.

Grows with you

We stay up to date with best practices, new threats, and compliance requirements so you don't have to. We built modules like our security questionnaire service or SOC 2 prep project to keep you ahead of growing needs.

Hear what our amazing customers say

"I've never worked with an organization as helpful as Havoc Shield. They are lifesavers and just generally high character human beings who understand what we're going through as a startup."

James Morin
Crave Retail

"Havoc Shield is the ally that helps us manage — and fulfill — our nuanced cybersecurity obligations."

Ankur Gopal

"Seriously amazing. Havoc Shield continually helps us get through vendor security reviews at a speed we didn't know was possible. Our customers are impressed every time."

Kush Mahan

"Havoc gave me the comfort I needed to make sure the business and our team was prepared for big partners. I tell everyone I know they must sign up too."

Emily Hoch

"I no longer feel guilty about not knowing every technical nuance about cybersecurity. I lean heavily on Havoc Shield to win and keep these large deals."

Bob Moesta
The ReWired Group

"I know that I can confidently tell my enterprise clients that we are up to any cybersecurity requirement they throw at us.  We welcome it — we’re proud..."

Rob Chapple
esellas, Inc.