Expertly protect your company from cyber attacks and scams right now without breaking the bank

A Fast & Effective Cyber Security Program for Startups & Small Businesses

...because ransomware attacks increased 500% in 2019...

...because 67% of startups endured a serious attack in the last year...

...because 45% of employees would consider selling company data to outsiders...

...because IBM’s annual Cost of a Data Breach Report found that the average cost of a breach approaches $4 million...

Meet the security requirements of your customers, gain compliance (HIPAA, Privacy Shield, PCI, etc.), and avoid the high costs of security consultants.

An expert plan with easy implementation

Our simple 10-minute profile wizard delivers a prioritized plan developed by security experts that you can execute with your existing team.

All the trimmings included

Action plans automate and include customized security policies, a public-facing security page, and incredible cyber awareness training for your staff.

For now and for all the future threats

Accelerate defense immediately, and stay protected at every stage with new threat monitoring and mitigation tailored to you.

Two for one! Unlock new sales & prevent expensive breaches.

Getting hit with security requirements by your customers is quickly becoming a blocker to new and renewal revenue. Get a plan that settles their fears, leverages your existing staff, and can be completed in days, not months. This isn’t just checking boxes either. Action plan modules significantly bolster your defenses and help you create a security culture.

Don’t get fined! Meet CA & NY 2020 customer privacy reqs.

Privacy Shield, GDPR, NYDFS, and more. Consumer privacy laws are coming into force now and not slowing down. Fines are following as regulators show force. We include not only cyber defense modules in your action plan, but can enable you to quickly meet consumer privacy requirements as well!

Stay in front of attacks without slowing down your operation.

Normally, security requires a lot of setup and coordination, forcing a decision on whether to deliver on your roadmap or build your defenses.

Not anymore! We’ve designed a program that leverages your existing staff and adjusts to your timeline, while activating the highest impact defenses first and filtering out all the noise.

Stay competitive with your peers & impress investors.

Security sells. That’s why companies are investing early,  marketing with public-facing security pages and writing blog posts about it. Stay competitive with a marketable advantage that peers will notice and investors will love (and invest in).

All tailored to your company, not the lowest common denominator.

Others give you the cookie cutter treatment, leaving huge gaps in your defenses that fail to inspire customer or regulator confidence. Our entire program is delivered by analyzing the services you use and your unique threat model.

"I'm so happy this exists. When I started searching for tools to help me shore up security, I found a lot of noise. You've put everything useful in one organized place."

– Jason F. @ Los Angeles FinTech Startup

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