Smash through cyber security requirements

and win big deals fast.

Havoc Shield is a cybersecurity program designed for startups facing stringent security requirements and increasing threats.

Our self-serve platform maps your requirements to plain-language modules and guides you through rolling out the tools, policies, and changes needed to both strengthen your defenses and confidently convert new customers.

No security pros required, all in one place, ready right now.
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These teams win securely with us

Getting stuck on security sucks.

You've put in the work, won the deal, and you're ready to get paid! Oh wait, that last step of passing vendor security and compliance review... uh oh.

Now you're worried about being able to do this in time. Have you already done any of this? What's an answer they'll accept? What does THAT mean? How do we fill these gaps affordably?

Don't speak InfoSec

Requirement are filled with jargon. Is that even a real word!? Google doesn't have the answers.

Got no time for this

Nothing is prioritized, and you can't predict how long this will take. Emails are piling up.

Need a permanent fix

New deal, new requirements. You need a real system to solve it for now and for next week.

Meet Havoc Shield

It's kind of like TurboTax® for startup cybersecurity.

Two Jobs, One Solution

Trying to get through stringent security requirements without the assets of a cybersecurity program is like trying to write a novel before getting your ABCs down. Our features work tightly together to help you win new business and then stay in business.

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