Introducing HAVOC SHIELD

Small Business Cybersecurity from Plan to Proof

We help your growing company from the moment you establish cybersecurity policies — with our policy builder or your own templates.  We’ll help you bring them to life through tools and processes that make compliance simple.  Need to prove compliance to a partner or customer?  No problem, with our attestation letters and audit trails on your side.

Havoc Shield - Sensor Status

Safely Embrace WFH

Working from home is the new normal, but your old cybersecurity practices aren’t enough to stay safe.  Engage employees in the solution: a time-efficient, plain language solution that gives IT professionals the reporting and engagement they require.

Plain Language


No prior cybersecurity experience necessary – click deeper into our UX if you want the technical details.


Easy and time-efficient steps for employees, equals high compliance levels in companywide dashboard.

Safely Embrace WFH
Address Threats Like a Pro

Address Threats Like a Pro

The new threat landscape is too urgent to wait for a fully staffed internal cybersecurity function.  Don’t try to craft and implement remote cybersecurity policies on your own — we’ll be your ally in guarding your growing cyber perimeter.


We’re constantly on the lookout for new cybersecurity risks; we alert you only when you need to take action.

InfoSec Policies


When we ask you to take action, we guide you through every step, all the way through to successful mitigation.

Create a Security Advantage

You’ve got obligations to your employees, customers, and financial stakeholders.  By implementing a modern cybersecurity program, you rise above the rest and shield yourself from threats — while others struggle to keep up with each security crisis as it arises.



Answer with confidence the next time you are asked a tough cybersecurity compliance question.


Button up your security loose-ends faster than your competitors, and get back to work!

Create a Security Advantage

Guard Your Company from Increasing Cyber Risk


Rate Themselves as Cyber Novices


Know They've Experienced a Cyber Attack


Expect an Increase in Work-From-Home


Guard your growing cyber perimeter from the new threat landscape, with our powerful platform benefits.

Rapid Threat Test


Check for open ports, find out if you've been p'wnd, get briefed on lookalike domains, and check for site vulnerabilities: all in 2 minutes. 

Threat Watch


We constantly search the dark web, looking for threats to your company and vulnerabilities in the services you use.  We alert you immediately.

Mail Armor


Phishing is on the rise.  We'll inspect any message you find suspicious, and we'll let you know if it's safe to interact with.

InfoSec Dashboards


Our cyber dashboard gives your leadership team the info they need to evaluate remote team cyber perimeter strength.

InfoSec Policies


Time for a robust InfoSec policy?  Generate, communicate, and track acknowledgement, with our InfoSec policy generator.



As you navigate our platform, we log security actions your team takes in response to in-platform cybersecurity task assignments. 

Lookalike Domains


We'll scan the web for domain names that look shockingly similar to yours, so that you can acquire them before cyber criminals do.

Guidance Assistant


Following step-by-step instructions for configuring infrastructure can be a pain.  We'll highlight every step in context, for your convenience.

Website Scan


Easily and quickly ensure your website is free from malware that can damage your company, employees, and customers. 

Password Keeper

Password Keeper

The leading password keeper software is included with every Havoc Shield account.



The leading antivirus software is included with every Havoc Shield account.

Live Incident Help


Call us into action for up to one hour per year, to investigate a cyber attack you are facing.

It’s Time to Talk About Your IT Team

What’s is your IT strategy?  No matter what your starting point is, we’ll help. 

We Don't Have Any Dedicated IT Resources

If you don’t yet have any dedicated IT team members, a great place to start is with cybersecurity protection from Havoc Shield.  When you do make the move to adding IT resources, they’ll thank you for getting a headstart with a strong cybersecurity posture.

We Have One or More Fulltime IT Team Members

Great!  One thing we’ve learned about IT teams is that there is never a dull moment.  From desktop provisioning to networking infrastructure configuration to helping with password resets, there are never enough hours in the day.  Let us help unload their cybersecurity burden, staying on top of new and emerging threats in a way that’s hard to keep up with when there are 1000 other items on the To Do list.

We Work with a 3rd Party IT Vendor (an MSP)

Great!  If you’ve made the move to working with a Managed Service Provider to handle your IT needs, you are ahead of the game in many ways.  We work in tandem with Managed Service Providers to provide highly specialized cybersecurity protection that augments the services you are already benefitting from. 

Get Started Now

Try our Rapid Threat Test for a quick start to evaluating your cybersecurity posture and prioritizing immediate actions to consider.

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Rapid Threat Test


What our clients think of our modern approach to cybersecurity:

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“Most cybersecurity programs identify problems but not solutions – that’s like having a home security alarm that doesn’t call the police. Havoc Shield is different!”

Jason H.

Finance Professional, Chicago

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I never thought I’d be able to do this kind of thing on my own but always wanted the protection. I’ve found Havoc Shield to be a productive way to upgrade my defenses quickly without paying a ton.”

Jason F.

FinTech CEO in Los Angeles

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

This is an amazing asset for me, especially after suffering through a past ransomware attack. Now I know what’s coming my way and you help make sure I’m protected from it. Thanks!”

Gaby A.

Software Engineer in Denver

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