Quickly handle those cybersecurity requirements and sleep better at night.

Built to satisfy GLBA, FTC Safeguards, IRS Tax Preparer, NY DFS and other financial industry security requirements.

Get your tailored plan, created by experts

We'll ask you some questions to understand your goals and develop a "threat model", then create a plan that addresses the threats and requirements of your industry, business stage, and environment.

You'll always know what to do next with clearly prioritized modules and regular suggestions based on your past progress.

Don't just project manage security - implement it

We go way further than just project managing the jargon of a security program or compliance framework with real assets brought to life for your team.

Our modules work a bit like how TurboTax® automates complicated tax filing. They're designed to guide you though making configuration changes, introducing polices, and activating security tools without having to get your PhD in InfoSec.

Activate best-in-breed tools without all the jumping around

We partnered with the top security tool providers out there and fully integrated them into our Platform. Vendors and tools are paid for as part of your plan, configured according to security best-practices, and rolled out to users in one beautiful place.

We take care of user syncing, maintenance, and upgrades behind the scenes for you.

A security solution that your team will actually adopt

Getting your team onboard and completing the tasks you need them to do to meet requirements is tedious and never ends.

We make it easy with a team portal for every person inside your company and automate all the tasking, communication, reminders, and reporting for you, saving hours every month.

Experts included without the consultant price tag

Security is a process and technology alone leaves your team on an island. We invested deeply in Client Success - advisors are available within minutes reachable by your entire team from any page in the platform.

We'll even train your staff so they know how to use the platform and all the various resources available to them live, and for free. We'll do it regularly too so your adoption and protection starts out and stays strong.

Fast and intuitive

Categorically improved defenses ready in minutes with a platform that feels like magic. DIY, or have us manage it.


Modules provably map to compliance frameworks, and our plan ensures you meet them continuously.


We negotiated pricing on all the included tools so the whole thing is one big secure savings machine.

A toolset to give you superpowers.

A security program on paper is no program at all. You need the tools and capabilities usually only available to larger security teams and spread out through the fray of the security industry.

We designed proprietary tools for non-security types and tightly integrated trusted vendors to support your cybersecurity program all in one place.

A, not just a set of tools.

Our platform feels like using a consumer app. It's been designed for non-security pros. Don't let that fool you though - there's a enterprise-grade engine behind the scenes working on your behalf.

Guidance Assistant

Security controls aren't always about policies or new vendors. Guidance Assistant is a browser extension that walks you through making professional security configuration changes in systems you already use like Google Suite or Office 365.

Goal-based projects

Your program grows with you as new requirements and threats arise. Tackling a SOC 2 audit, GDPR, and more are available when needed.

Vendor tool syncing

We handle all the user import/export and settings across your integrated vendors seamlessly, saving you time and reducing risk of accidental access after someone leaves.

Always-on monitoring and alerts

We monitor for data breaches, vulnerabilities in your technology, and new threats behind the scenes and help you take action fast.

Compliance reporting

Confidently report on your adherence to government and industry regulations with the evidence to back it up.

Marketing tools

Security page templates, attestation letters, and our verified trust badge help effectively prove your security program and convert security-conscious customers.

We'll take a look at what you're up against together and provide quick demo of how we can help. If it's all good with you, we can have you setup the same day.

Worried about price? We've made it a no-brainer.
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