We'll help you DO the homework behind those cybersecurity requirements.

No security pros required, all in one place, ready right now. Backed by a professional yet simple cybersecurity program for your security requirements now and next year.

Tell us what your cybersecurity requirements are

You'll import your customer or partner questionnaires, audit requirement sheets, or RFPs. Havoc Shield maps those for you to a prioritized plan that non-security types on your team or your MSP can execute.


We help you do the homework behind those requirements

We go way further than just project managing the jargon of a security program or compliance framework - we actually ensure you meet the requirements with real assets brought to life for your team.

Our modules, detailed below, work a bit like how TurboTax® walks you through and automates complicated tax prep. They're designed to guide you smoothly though making configuration changes, creating plans, introducing the polices, and leveraging the security tools / vendors necessary to make good on controls your customers and partners require.


You watch the rest happen for you

Most of the time, you'll need to produce reports around things like a penetration test or vulnerability scan, or proof that your whole team has been provided cyber awareness training.

That can mean days of tedious, expensive work coordinating lots of people. We take that all of your hands with integrated scanning, automated team member tasking and communication, and vendor orchestration. We'll let you know when it's done.


Show your work, win the deal, go celebrate!

You'll have to prove it! Questionnaire responses, screenshot evidence, attestation letters... all that. The job of just putting this all together can be a full time one.

Havoc Shield generates professionally-written compliance responses to questionnaires and other requirements, backs it up with exportable evidence, and delivers it in a verifiable package including a 3rd party attestation letter. Go win that deal and get on with your business.

Fast and intuitive

Plans created in minutes, a platform that feels like magic for non-experts.


Modules mapped to compliance frameworks large customers know like NIST, CMMC, and CIS.


Previous requirements often overlap with those on new deals. We automatically handle this and accelerate your deals and audits.

Platform Features

Our platform feels like using a consumer app. It's been designed for non-security pros. Don't let that fool you though - there's a enterprise-grade engine behind the scenes working on your behalf.

Smart Requirement mapping

Supply your security requirements in any form. Excel, email, even an outside portal login. We'll parse and map them into a plain-language prioritized plan.

Plain-language modules & tasks

Self-serve modules and tasks guide you through rolling out security tools, generating policies, and making configuration changes necessary to complete your requirements.

Guidance Assistant

Security controls aren't always about policies or new vendors. Guidance Assistant is a browser extension that walks you through making professional security configuration changes in systems you already use like Google Suite or Office 365.

Questionnaire response repository

Responses to questionnaires, written by security and compliance experts, generated for you and delivered alongside backing evidence.

Team portal and communication

Getting your team onboard and completing the tasks you need them to do to meet requirements is tedious and never ends. We make it easy with a team portal and handle all the tasking, communication and reminders for you, saving hours every month.

Security Vendor Orchestration

We picked best in class vendors across email security, training, anti-virus, backups, and more. We've tightly integrated them so they're provisioned for you, paid for by us, and synced with your team without leaving the platform.

Marketing & Reporting Tools

Security stature can be reported on both in detail and with marketing-oriented tools like our Trust Badge which helps convert increasingly security-concious buyers.


Your program grows with you as new requirements arise that span wider than one customer questionnaire or RFP. Tackling a SOC 2 audit, GDPR, and more are available when needed.

A toolset to give you superpowers.

Project managing your requirements better isn't enough to actually meet them. You need the tools and capabilities usually only available to larger security teams and spread out through the fray of the security industry.

We designed proprietary tools for non-security types, tightly integrated trusted vendors, and provided the assets you'll need to support your cybersecurity program all in one place.

We'll take a look at what you're up against together and provide quick demo of how we can help. If it's all good with you, we can have you setup the same day.

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